Type This In Google And The Feds Will Knock Down Your Door

The Pentagon is supposedly working with an extremist finding company that sees the web search “the truth about Black Lives Matter” and others like it to be signals of engagement with White supremacism.

The company, Moonshot CVE, which has connections to the Obama Foundation, is building data that would find which bases and military branches include the most troops who search for extremist content. While this project’s goals are not clear, the company has previously put out a June report, in connection with the liberal ADL, on supposed “White supremacy trends in the U.S.”

In it, the U.K.-based group reported it “watched a list of nearly 1,600 indicators of engagement or interest with White supremacism, centered especially on anti-Semitic and anti-Black narratives being pushed by these extremist groups.”

As examples, it showed the search phrases “Jews won’t replace us” and “the truth about BLM.”,.,

For that last one, the organization said: “This search says that the BLM movement has anti-white motives, and is a narrative pushed by White supremacists to cause anti-BLM sentiment.”

It adds: “While the search phrase seems to be innocuous, several books have it in their name and claim that BLM is ‘joining with Antifa in looting and burning.’ These sources repeat White supremacist narratives saying that BLM protesters are attempting to ‘overthrow America’ and ‘harm Americans in a communist coup,’ as a way to delegitimize it. Numerous videos on the internet also promote these ideas – especially the criminalization of Black Lives Matter – using these phrases.”

It is not clear why the Pentagon decided to go with a U.K.-based company for watching purported extremism in the country. The Center for Security Policy brought up concerns about this group in their recent article in which it stressed how the CEO Vidhya Ramalingam was a leader of the Obama Foundation’s Europe program.

She was also on a panel hosted by the very controversial SPLC and has connections to other left-leaning groups. As the CSP highlights, she authored a paper that spoke about financial support from the Open Society Foundation, a group created by liberal anti-white George Soros.

Author: Scott Dowdy