Two Election Forecasters Are Giving the Bad 2022 News to Democrats

You don’t have to be some kind of political expert to know Democrats are in big trouble for November. Last year’s elections were a bloodbath, with “safe” races going unexpectedly to Republicans. And the signs point to a bigger swing this year, as voters are increasingly outraged at Joe Biden and his failed administration.

But don’t pin all the blame on Joe (even though he has the worst approval numbers we’ve ever seen). Democrats have done a bang-up job over the last two years showing Americans they do not deserve to be re-elected. State Democrats locked up residents for nearly two years, jeopardizing jobs over a vaccine. D.C. Democrats supported Biden, even as his policies tanked Afghanistan, mandated vaccines, triggered inflation, and crippled our energy industry.

And now, we have more signs Democrats are going to lose big this fall.

Two election forecasters have shifted over a dozen 2022 House races in total in favor of the GOP, the latest indication that Democrats should prepare for a considerable loss in November.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report on Wednesday swung eight House races in districts from New York to Nevada in favor the GOP…

Sabato’s Crystal Ball, out of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, also shifted 11 House districts in Republicans’ favor, citing some overlaps with the Cook Political Report…

Kyle Kondik, the managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, recently wrote that the “main question” about the House is not if Republicans will flip the chamber, but “how big the Republicans’ eventual majority will be.” [Source: Just the News]

Agreeing with a  recent Politico report and many other polls, two more forecasters are saying the Republicans are going to win big in 2022. Kondik left the door open for a Democrat victory, but said the political environment must improve “markedly.”

Um… how markedly? Like Democrats would have to reverse every policy they have been pushing over the last ten years. They’d have to close the border, end inflation, lower gas prices (by about a dollar), and slash taxes. Oh, and they’d have to impeach Biden themselves.

Short of all that—they don’t have a chance. In fact, they continue to promise terrible policies that will bankrupt our country and drive us into a depression.

Democrats seem to think they are in trouble, because their messaging is off. They think they are going to lose, because Americans don’t understand what they are trying to do. No, Dems, we know exactly what you have been trying to do. You want to rob working Americans blind to make yourselves and your globalists buddies filthy rich.

You want to destroy American prosperity so China, Iran, and Russia can thrive. You tried to keep us locked down for years, wearing masks like prisoners, all so your governors could enjoy a little power trip.

And you don’t think we are going to hammer you back hard, this November?

Author: Old Bloke