Twitter Lays Out Their ‘Global’ Anti-Conservative Plan

The undercover journalism organization Project Veritas just published footage of one of Twitter’s leaders discussing their intention to expand their moderation on a worldwide scale. Liberal Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde detailed their plan to apply their “global approach” to censorship to American citizens including politicians, doubling down on Twitter’s belief that President Trump’s posts were “inciting violence.”

In the video, which was just released by Project Veritas, Twitter’s Trust, Policy and Legal Lead Vijaya Gadde goes into the details of the tech company’s plans to continue and expand censorship of what it calls “harmful speech” on its website.

Gadde details the plans to indefinitely delete accounts pushing “conspiracy theories,” and doubles down on Twitter’s assertion that Trump incited violence.”

The video published online by Veritas founder James O’Keefe can be seen below:

At a certain point while talking about new censorship, Gadde says: “In other nations where we’ve seen violence happen as a result of coded language or misleading information. So a lot of what we have learned has come from other places so in that way, this is our worldwide approach.”

Recently, Breitbart News put out a report that Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was on a private island in French Polynesia when he got a call on Jan 6 from Twitter’s lawyer Vijaya Gadde, the extremist liberal who previously went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast alongside Dorsey.

Gadde told Dorsey that they had suspended Trump’s account temporarily to stop him from sharing further messages relating to the Capitol protests that might cause violence. Dorsey was allegedly worried about the choice but he had delegated the responsibility to Gadde.

The NY Times recently reported that Twitter employees organized a virtual meeting to discuss the choice to remove President Donald Trump from the website, many were grateful that action had been taken while other people simply wanted the “Trump era” to be in the past, while many were very distraught and cried over the situation.