‘Twice a Loser’ Democrat Tries His Hand In Race For Texas Governor

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from failed Democratic candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke. Dubbed “Beto” (in order to dupe unsuspecting Latino voters), the man failed to take the Senate seat of Republican Ted Cruz. In 2020, he had a short-lived presidential campaign, when he quit to get special favors from Joe Biden.

Well, it doesn’t seem Biden was interested in O’Rourke’s special brand of leadership, despite claiming he’d be some kind of gun control czar for the administration.

It seems even a pathetic, disorganized, failed administration like Biden’s (known for hiring incompetence) didn’t want Beto.

So, what’s a twice-failed Democrat to do to claw back some kind of notoriety and fame? Run for a third office—this time for a seat he’s sure to lose.

Democrat Robert Francis O’Rourke, also known as “Beto,” is preparing to run in next year’s Texas gubernatorial election despite being a failed presidential candidate, a failed Senate candidate, and being a failed campaigner for other Democrats in key races…

Gilberto Hinojosa, the chair of the Democrat Party in Texas, told Axios that they “hope that he’s going to run” because “we think he’ll be our strongest candidate.”

O’Rourke has a wide range of fringe political views that would not play out well in a solid red state like Texas. His views are so fringe they would be disastrous in purple states and could even see some pushback in blue states. [Source: Daily Wire]

Despite what Democrats say, Texas is a firmly red state and getting even redder. Border towns, with largely Hispanic, historically liberal voters, are electing more and more Republican candidates. The state has passed strong, conservative legislation this year—with significant support from residents.

But O’Rourke is a far-left idiot, with views that even moderate Democrats could not get on board with. He is a vocal supporter of BLM and has called for defunding the police. He specifically wants to “completely dismantle” police departments. Wow.

He once said he wants to take away churches’ tax-exempt state over gay marriage. O’Rourke promised he would tear down Trump’s border wall. And on top of that, he has called for gun bans and gun confiscations.

And that’s not to mention his bizarre personal life, with reports that he’s traveled into the desert to eat dirt for spiritual awakening.

Does any of that sound like someone who can win the Texas governorship? Even liberals in the state would hate this man. Yet the party’s chair in Texas claims he would be their “strongest candidate.”

Really, you guys? You can’t find one Texas Democrat better than a dirt-eating idiot? Is there not one reasonable moderate in your ranks that could bridge the gap with the deeply conservative voters of Texas?

Of course, not. Because today’s Democratic Party (across all states) is a radical group of socialists who are plunging head-first off the cliff. They don’t care that their ideas are wildly unpopular with Americans. Or that they’ve failed in every country that’s tried them. They are hellbent on pushing this toxic agenda down our throats. And they only support candidates that agree with them.

If they think they can get O’Rourke elected, they are dreaming. Or really banking on massive fraud.

Author: Timothy Smith