Tulsi Gabbard Points To America’s Top Threat — And Democrats Are Pissed

Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) is not afraid to break with Democrats. She is not the most popular DNC member because she’s very often more moderate than other Dems. She even supported some of President Trump’s policies.

Gabbard addressed the Capitol Hill protests in a recent video she posted to Twitter.

First, she condemned the crowd that descended upon D.C… but then she kept going from there.

After claiming that the rioters attempted to prevent Congress from enacting its duties, and acted “like domestic enemies within our nation,” but then Tulsi said something important.

And it’s this that could anger Democrats more than anything.

She specifically mentioned “greater dangers” to America and then listed people such as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is usually seen as far-left.

Gabbard also went for former CIA Director Brennan and the “tech oligarchs.”

She kept her focus on Americans’ rights while saying:

The Adam Schiffs, John Brennans, and the tech oligarchs who are attempting to undermine our rights and transform our country with Soviet style surveillance are also  enemies, and much more dangerous than the mod that stormed DC.

Gabbard then played a clip of Brennan claiming that Biden’s team is “now acting in laser-like fashion to uncover” what he claimed was an “insurgency movement.”

Gabbard, along with others from both parties, see this as a danger to our rights and liberties, and that’s why we should be concerned.

She also published this on Twitter:

I call on Biden and Congress to denounce efforts by Brennan and others to remove our rights given to us by God and guaranteed by the Constitution.

If you don’t do something now, our nation will be in great danger.

Gabbard does not always go along with the liberal agenda, as you can tell.

Though it’s politically vital for her to go against the “riots”, she also took the chance to call out the bigger threats to our nation. And these are things both parties should acknowledge.