Tulsi Gabbard And Mitt Romney Get Into A Fiery Argument

I thought Tulsi Gabbard would hit back hard after Mitt Romney accused her of committing treason, but I’m not sure I thought she would hit back this hard. As RedState said on Sunday, Romney went nuts at Gabbard via social media, accusing her of spreading “Russian propaganda” and “treasonous” acts, which is a crime punishable by death.

The problem with this was two-fold. For one, Gabbard never actually spread any Russian propaganda. Nowhere did she talk about any conspiracy about “bio-weapons” being created by the West, for example. Instead, she gave her concern about United States funded bio-labs inside Ukraine, which absolutely do exist, being bombed or captured and maybe facilitating the release of deadly pathogens. Why is this important? Because what she said is exactly what the Pentagon has warned about.

Further, the term “treasonous” by Romney was dumb. Even if Gabbard were spreading Russian propaganda, it’s not treason to use your free speech in this country. We are also not in a war with Russia, which is a crucial aspect of accusing a person of giving aid to the enemy.In short, Romney has many times jumped to conclusions concerning what Gabbard says, putting words in her mouth, but then went way too far in his push to flex his neocon RINO credentials. Now, Gabbard has replied with a rhetorical gutting.


Gabbard starts meticulously sourcing her comments. Here is part of that (she gives additional examples).

Finally, she drops the mic on Romney, asking him to resign now.

Romney won’t apologize, though, because he does not have the political integrity to admit he went to far and was wrong. After all, this is the person who hired, Steve Schmidt, an insane leftwinger, to manage his 2012 campaign. Romney is a big political chameleon, which is why attempts to paint him as very principled over the past several years so mind-numbing.

He is without a doubt the biggest RINO in Washington. And how he keeps getting elected is beyond anyone’s guess. We can only imagine he has a special magical spell on the people of Utah.

Author: Steven Sinclaire