Tucker Destroys Democrats With Undeniable Election Fraud Truth

Tucker Carlson spoke about the issue of election fraud being discussed in a new lawsuit inside Fulton County of Georgia. We have covered these issues before, but Carlson goes into things further.

“About 36 sets of mail-in ballots sent during the election were duplicated during the count in the county of Fulton. That is over 4000 votes. These numbers come from an organization named VoterGA, which with Bob Cheeley filed a lawsuit to get ahold of them. The end total from the doubled-up counts are over 3300 ballots for Biden and 865 ballots for Donald Trump,” Carlson said.

Voter GA had a news conference this week and revealed their findings.

Carlson also mentioned surveillance footage which he said revealed ballots being scanned over and over.

Carlson stress that the “very liberal Atlanta Constitution” agreed that these ballots were used twice.

The plaintiffs of the lawsuit said they wished to perform an investigation of the around 147,000 absentee ballots.

“If we are seeing this in the county of Fulton, we will probably see it throughout Georgia. The issue is why would this happen?” said David Cross, who is a manager for the plaintiffs. “The fact that it occurred and we see it also means it could be also being done in other places.”

Carlson stated that the VoterGA group had attempted to get their hands on the audit sheets but the County would not hand over 100,000 of them to start.

But Voter GA did eventually get some of these. They reported that they discovered 7 audit sheets were tampered with.

For example, one batch had 59 ballot scans for Biden and 42 for Trump was written as 100 being for Biden and none for Trump. The seven sets of ballots having 705 votes, with 554 being for Joe Biden, 140 being for Donald Trump, Jorgensen getting 11.

But the tally records also had a higher ballot total shown and 100 percent of these votes being given to Joe Biden – with 850 for Biden, and Trump and Jorgensen getting 0. The Atlanta Constitution does not address the issue about the tally sheet in their news piece on the topic.

Author: Steven Sinclaire