Tucker Carlson Gambles With His Career… Or Maybe Even Jail Time

Fox News Tucker Carlson has warned that America is turning into a “soviet society” prioritizing obedience to the government over freedom of thought and actions.

“I do believe, marginally, people can get more honest and brave just in their own personal lives,” Carlson said on Breitbart News Daily when he was interviewed by Alex Marlow. “There is no reason to just sit at dinner and be browbeaten by someone and not pipe up. You may not have to argue, but you can quietly respond with your conscience.”

He continued, “The culture has turned so very conformist. I see it in my children and their friends. My kids do not agree with a lot of this stuff, but the response is, ‘Well, I don’t want to go outside of the herd.’ We don’t like mavericks anymore. … It’s such a soviet like society, now. What we celebrate are team joiners. ‘Oh, look, he got the vaccine. What a hero.’ It is insane.”

A culture of conformity gives praise to compliance while hitting against dissidence, Carlson said. He said dissidents rejecting government and corporate immorality like Rosa Parks are persecuted in this modern time.

“When I was young, even the liberals were always educating us about … Rosa Parks,” Carlson remembered. “There was an agenda in telling us about what Rosa Parks did. She didn’t want to go to the back of the bus, and one day, she chose not to, and she was a real hero.”

He said, “The saddest conclusion that I have come to in the past couple of years is that propaganda works. Take a look at the surveys. You can tell the public anything, and some of them will say, ‘Yeah, I saw it on the news,’ and of course that is why they do it, but if you believed this was an independent-minded nation with a lot of mavericks in it, it’s kind of concerning to see that.”

“It’s so insane. It can only keep going if we allow it to,” he said. “One of the phrases we don’t hear anymore is ‘civil disobedience,’ which is the act of going along with your conscience in a non-violent way. I’m not doing this. I’m not going along. I’m not going to help my own destruction.”

He said, “I feel like more Americans could do this too, and if they did, this shit would stop today, because it takes us being complicit to keep going. Let’s just be honest, we are all implicated in this.”

Author: Scott Dowdy