Tucker Carlson Delivers Knock-Out Blow To Rittenhouse Prosecutors

Tucker Carlson spoke about the new developments in the Rittenhouse trial during his show this Wednesday night where he mentioned the people involved in the incident.

“In a move that shocked lawyers everywhere, Rittenhouse took the stand to defend himself. That is unusual in criminal cases, and it is especially weird in murder trials, and the reason why it is uncommon is simple: The stakes are just too high,” Carlson said.

“One wrong answer during a cross examination and you might wind up spending your whole life in prison. But this a bit was different. By the time he testified, Rittenhouse had already pretty much won the case,” Carlson said.

“At this time, there was no doubt left that Kyle Rittenhouse did what he did in self-defense during the riots in Kenosha last summer; every shot Rittenhouse made was captured on video and from multiple places,” Carlson said. “Every witness who testified confirmed exactly what had happened. And the facts: A convicted child rapist named Joseph Rosenbaum was allowed to leave a mental hospital and then went to join the far-left mob that was burning the town of Kenosha.”

“Once he got to the BLM riot, Rosenbaum saw Rittenhouse and then threatened to kill him,” Carlson claimed. “Rosenbaum then chased Rittenhouse and attempted to pull the gun away from him. When he did that, Kyle Rittenhouse killed him. So, Joseph Rosenbaum died like he lived, trying to touch an unwilling minor.”


Liberal news outlet Snopes has confirmed Rosenbaum’s criminal past:

“…yes, at age 19, Rosenbaum was sent to prison for sexually assaulting five children — all of whom were boys between 9 and 11, according to public records.”

“The documents reveal that Rosenbaum was living with the boys’ parents after his mom kicked him out for disobeying her. During his weeks-long stay, he molested the boys, showed them pornography, and performing oral sex on them, among other crimes, the documents revealed. He was sentenced to prison for around 15 years, and authorities thought “his risk was of great concern to the community” considering the victims’ age and gender.”

Author: Scott Dowdy