Trump’s Secret Fauci Conversation Leaks – And It’s a Doozy

Throughout this year, the American people discovered just how untrustworthy so-called COVID expert, Anthony Fauci is. Released documents proved he was being dishonest about the pandemic. He was even forced to admit he lied to the American people about masks. Evidence is emerging that he supported Wuhan’s gain of function research. And he helped fund cruel experiments on puppies.

But that appears to be only the tip of the iceberg for this man. Recently, he’s gotten into a war of words with Republican senators. Many have accused the man of playing politics, even as a pandemic raged. Now, in a recent interview, Trump’s former Chief of Staff is revealing how often they wanted to fire the man. And he explained why.

Marlow asked why Fauci, who was director of the NIAID during former President Donald Trump’s tenure, wasn’t terminated from his position.

Meadows said, “a lot of discussions” took place in the White House considering firing Fauci.

“There were lot of discussions early on — and even later on — in terms of asking Dr. Fauci to use his talents elsewhere, primarily because he would go on TV and say things that either had not been discussed in the [COVID-19] task force or were opposite of what we had recommended,” he said.

The hiring of Dr. Scott Atlas as a special coronavirus adviser to Trump was partly a response to the former president’s dissatisfaction with Fauci’s conduct as NIAID director, Meadows stated…

He concluded, “In retrospect, having Dr. Fauci have less of a role would have been more appropriate.” [Source: Breitbart]

Mark Meadows revealed that the Trump administration was growing increasingly frustrated with Fauci’s unpredictable and reckless behavior. During a pandemic, when tensions were high and Americans worried about their lives, Fauci would go on TV and fan the flames of fear and hysteria. Meadows said he would even go on TV and say the opposite of what they had discussed behind closed doors.

Now, why would Fauci do that? Why would the man, working with the White House to save lives, deliberately defy the administration and say things that would only add confusion to the process?

Maybe what many people suspected about the man was true. That he was simply a pawn for the Democratic Party. He posed as an expert to deal with the virus, but his real job was to undermine the Trump administration and make the pandemic much worse than it needed to be? Why else would he say things to the press that he did not discuss with the task force, or was the direct opposite of what he said to them?

Sadly, this is consistent with what we have learned about Fauci all throughout the year. The so-called expert appears more interested in the attention he receives from the MSM. Much of what he’s predicted or said about the virus has been inaccurate (remember, he opposed the vaccines while Trump was developing them, only now demanding we all get them). Now, we are learning how unreliable and dangerous he is.

The man should be fired and perhaps investigated.

Author: Thomas Reed