Trump’s Memorial Day Message Puts Democrats To Shame

Former president Trump put out a moving Memorial Day message this Monday.

His comment beautifully evokes the real meaning of the day; it is much more than a “long weekend.” The full comment is here:

“On Memorial Day, we remember the heroes who had their last breath while defending our Nation, our citizens, and our freedoms. The levels of their dedication, the completeness of their resolve, and the depths of their patriotism has no equal. On far away battlefields, oceans, and skies, they looked down our adversaries and gave their lives so this country would prevail. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that our Nation can thrive. It is due to their actions that we can as one people, keep going in our pursuit of America’s great destiny.”

“We owe everything we are, and all that we can ever aspire to be, to these unmatched heroes. Their legacy is immortal. Our loyalty to their families is everlasting and eternal.”

“America’s fighters are the greatest force for peace, justice and liberty among all the nations to ever exist. God bless our fallen. We honor them forever, and always.”

Author: Blake Ambrose