Trump’s Feud With Top General Just Exploded Into Something More

Former President Trump hit back against General Mark Milley, the current Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, after a news piece came out that Milley had yelled at Trump while he was president.

Milley, whom President Trump appointed in Sept. 2019, supposedly yelled at Trump inside the White House Situation Room in Aug. 2020 for his attempts to use the military to stop the race-based rioting that was going on during this time. The episode is detailed in a new book by the WSJ reporter Michael Bender.

Bender said that Trump was enraged at Milley and yelled at him, “I said you are in f—ing charge!”

“Well I’m not in charge!” Milley is reported to have yelled in response to Trump.

“You can’t f—ing speak to me like that!” Trump said during the account.

Milley then spoke to the others in the room and then-U.S. A.G. William Barr allegedly backed him up.

Trump completely denied this account to reporters through an aide.

“This is completely fake news, it never ever occurred. I’m not General Milley’s friend, but I never argued with him like this and the entire thing is fake. He never yelled at me. Bender never asked me about it this and it is fake news,” he said.

“If General Milley had yelled at me, I would have fired him,” he said later.

On Wednesday, Trump restated his denial of the story in a public comment slamming the general he nominated and asking for his resignation.

“General Mark Milley’s biggest fear is upsetting woke people,” Trump said in a written comment.

He then said that Milley “essentially begged” him not to use the military to stop the rioting from BLM protesters in D.C.

“In a desperate ploy to impress the Far Left, Milley created a fake story that he yelled at me. This is completely Fake News. If he had showed this kind of disrespect, I would have fired him on the spot,” Trump said.

“To even more ingratiate himself with Joe Biden and the Liberals, Milley travelled to Congress and supported Critical Race Theory being forced onto our soldiers,” he said.

“General Milley should resign,” Trump said, “and be replaced by a General who will defend our troops from the Leftists who hate our nation.”

Author: Blake Ambrose