Trump’s Announcement Strikes Fear Into Every Biden Supporter In America

Former President Trump had another rally in his “Save America” tour this Saturday when showing in Cullman, Alabama. Predictably, he slammed his successor over his failures in Afghanistan.

Trump had more very strong words for Biden as he said: “This is the biggest humiliation I have ever seen,” he said, also giving predictions for the legacy of the disaster. “Biden’s ruined exit from Afghanistan is the most amazing show of total incompetence by a country’s leader. Perhaps more than any time that anybody has ever witnessed. Name another time.”

He also made a comparison to Vietnam, stating that “Vietnam seems like a master class in good strategy compared to Biden’s disaster. And it did not have to happen. All he had to do was leave the soldiers there until it was over.”

Trump continued. “The scene of these big planes taking off with folks hanging on the sides and then falling. There is never anything like that.” Biden has gotten the ire from both side of the aisle for his response during his interview on ABC, saying that that was “four days ago.”

The former president again painted the picture of helicopters, saying what is going on in Afghanistan is “worse,” and then saying. “You recall the helicopters on the roofs? It’s not even a contest. This will go down as our great military defeat of all time and it didn’t have to happen. This was not a withdrawal. It was a complete surrender, for no reason.”

His anger of how it did not have to happen this way and then went into how “then we had a rigged election,” and how Joe Biden “went to his knees and said come in and take everything we have.”

Trump also suggested that not only was the withdrawal from Afghanistan “a disgrace” and “the most humiliating thing that we have ever seen in this nation,” but he also said “there is never been an embarrassment and other nations, both friend and enemy,” Trump said, “are looking at us and seeing what the hell happened to the U.S.? They cannot believe it.”

Author: Blake Ambrose