Trump Warns MAGA Americans That We’re In “The Most Dangerous Time”

President Donald Trump lambasted John Kerry, the country’s current climate envoy and former Secretary of State, in front of a large Save America rally crowd in Georgia for being more concerned about global warming than nuclear war threats from Russia.

On Saturday night, President Donald Trump returned to the campaign battleground state of Georgia, where he spoke at the NHRA International Dragway in Commerce, Georgia. Given the fighting in Ukraine and the insults being issued by Russia, China, and North Korea, President Trump declared that America is living in dangerous times.

“This is the most hazardous period in our nation’s history,” he said. “Much more dangerous than World War I or World War II, and that’s because of nuclear weapons’ power. Yet you have people like John Kerry concerned about the environment. The climate! I heard that the other day. Here we are, guys, threatening us – he’s concerned about an ocean that will rise by one-hundredth of 1% over the next 300 years.”

Trump went on to threaten America’s major geopolitical threats, stating that the United States has “the greatest nuclear capability” and that he rebuilt the military defenses during his time in the White House.

“In the world, we have the greatest nuclear power right now, far greater than any other country. That’s because we had weapons that were 47 years old. They were so ancient that no one knew if they worked. And now, with a very strong nuclear capability again thanks to our whole military being rebuilt and all because you had a president who always put America first,” Trump said.

He also said we must protect women’s sports and called for greater protection of parents’ rights to determine what their children are taught in school. “We must protect women’s sports,” he said, amid a national conversation over whether transgender people should be allowed to compete.

He also criticized Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Supreme Court nominee who cannot define what a woman is.

“We now have a potential justice being nominated to the Supreme Court who has stated under oath that she does not know what a woman is,” Trump added. “How can she be trusted to interpret the Constitution if she doesn’t even know what a woman is?”

Author: Steven Sinclaire