Trump Warns Conservatives About Saturday… “It’s A Setup”

Donald Trump contends that the September 18 rally planned for the United States Capitol in support of January 6 protesters who are still being held in jail is a “setup.”

During an interview, Trump said that the Sept. 18 rally was a “setup” that it was planned to disparage Republicans. Many also think that if anything violent occurs it will be used as another excuse for the liberal clamp down on Americans and removal of more liberties for the sake of security.

“On Saturday, that is a setup,” Trump said. “If people do not show up they will say, ‘Oh, they lack spirit.’ And if people come they will be harassed.”

Almost no one in conservative groups has even heard of the rally. It was not promoted widely. Despite that fact, Democrats are installing a new fence on Capitol Hill. Also, the Capitol Police have given an emergency order that will allow the deputizaton of normal officers as “special” Capitol Police officers at the time of the demonstration.

Matt Braynard, the leader of the “Justice for J6” rally and a former Trump staffer, is also asking attendees not to have pro-Trump or political clothing at the protest.

He urged in a tweet this week for people not to show any symbols that support Trump or Biden, contending the protest is “100% about #JusticeforJ6 and not the election or any candidate.”

“We request that anyone going to our events not bring any clothing or have signs that support either Biden or President Trump,” Braynard said.

“Anyone not honoring this will be seen as an infiltrator and we will get your photo and make you famous,” he warned.

A Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) official is now predicting that around 700 people will come to attend the demonstration.

Trump went on to slam President Biden during his interview over Biden’s “grossly incompetent” management of the Afghanistan withdrawal. He torched liberal Democrats and labeled President Bush as “one of the worst presidents we have ever had.”

“Afghanistan is among the worst things I believe I have ever seen for our nation,” Trump declared. “To lose these young people is so horrible. It’s a terrible situation.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire