Trump Verbally Body Slams Barr For His Outrageous Election Comment

Former President Trump hit back against his former A.G. Bill Barr after the Atlantic released excerpts from Jonathan Karl’s upcoming book, “Betrayal” in which the former Trump ally calls election fraud claims “bullsh*t.”

Karl writes about how Barr thought Trump would lose the presidential election and was not surprised to see it happen.

“My mindset was: It is put-up or shut-up time,” Barr said. “If there was evidence that proved fraud, I did not have a reason to censor it. But I had the suspicion all along that it was all bulls**t.”

In a comment, Trump hit back against his former A.G. and said he “did not look into election fraud, and really let the American public down.” Trump also showed his disappointed with Barr for his failure “to understand the Horowitz report and disappointed everyone by not getting a prompt investigation (where is Durham?) on the corruption of the Obama White House.”

Trump then went over a number of cases of fraud, and asked why, if Barr believed the way detailed in Karl’s book, he wrote to him and said he was “very honored” and “proud to have played a part in the successes and achievements you have delivered for the American people.”

The 45th president also said he thought it was McConnell, whom he calls “another beauty,” pushing him all along because of his concerns about Republican chances in the runoff elections.

“Barr was a real disappointment in every way possible,” Trump said. “Barr, who was Attorney General, should not be talking about the President. Instead of carrying out his job, he did just the opposite and ordered his people within the DOJ not to investigate election fraud. Just like he did with the Mueller report and the cover up for Crooked Hillary, they do not want to investigate facts.”

Author: Blake Ambrose