Trump Unloads On Biden After This Ridiculous Policy Leaks

Donald Trump was a president that truly put Americans first. That is the real reason why liberals and the D.C. swamp hated him so much. It has nothing to do with his personality or the many false charges they threw at him. It’s because everything Trump did was to help Americans, while hurting the corrupt system that had been abusing us for decades.

Sadly, with Joe Biden (or better put: those that control Joe Biden) in the White House, we are seeing the federal government return to the days of corruption. Joe and his cohorts are putting their donors, special interest groups, and globalist buddies ahead of the American people. They are doing it openly, not even pretending their plans are good for us.

Biden’s COVID “relief” bill spent little on actually address the China virus. But it did pump billions into Planned Parenthood and other leftist organizations. Biden’s new plan, which he hopes to pay for by raising taxes, will provide money for “green” companies that are conveniently owned by Democrat donors and allies.

Only a fraction of the bill will go toward infrastructure, which Joe claimed was the primary goal.

After cutting taxes and bringing prosperity to America, Trump is watching Biden do everything he can to run us. And he’s firing back at Joe’s new plans.

“Joe Biden’s radical plan to implement the largest tax hike in American history is a massive giveaway to China, and many other countries that will send thousands of factories, millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars to these competitive nations,” Trump said in a statement. “The Biden plan will crush American workers and decimate U.S. manufacturing, while giving special tax privileges to outsourcers, foreign and giant multinational corporations.”…

“Under Biden’s plan, if you create jobs in America, and hire American workers, you will pay MORE in taxes—but if you close down your factories in Ohio and Michigan, fire U.S. workers, and move all your production to Beijing and Shanghai, you will pay LESS. It is the exact OPPOSITE of putting America First – it is putting America LAST!” [Source: Just the News]

Biden and the Democrats are trying to sell their tax plan, by claiming it will only affect rich families and big “greedy” corporations. But Trump is ripping the mask off this lie, revealing how Biden’s terrible plan will hurt all Americans.

You see, what Biden doesn’t say is that raising taxes on companies encourages them to move overseas. Many countries have very low corporate tax. If Biden were to hike that tax, companies will simply move, taking both blue-collar and white-collar jobs with them (since they’ll move both their factories and offices).

We’re already seeing the fallout of Biden’s “leadership.” A Ford factory Trump was able to keep in America is now going back on its word, planning to shut down operations and move to Mexico. How many more companies will flee the United States, because of Biden’s idiocy?

If you think this isn’t part of Biden’s plan, think again. Joe is doing this because he knows companies will move. This is a gift to his corporate overlords, a useful excuse for them to find greener pastures overseas. Companies needed a reason to move jobs and operations to cheaper locales. Biden is raising taxes so companies can do this, without getting blamed by the public.

But what about the American worker? Yeah, that’s the last group Biden is worried about.

Author: Craig Lawson