Trump Unleashes Hell On Corrupt Teachers

During his campaign rally in Ohio on Saturday, former President Donald Trump criticized the practice of instructing young children about transgenderism without parental approval.

“We will also safeguard the rights of parents,” he continued. “No teacher should be allowed to give transgender lessons without parent’s consent,” he added.

“Save our children! Save our children! Save our children!” the crowd began to scream.

“Isn’t it amazing how that’s become such a big topic? And who would have anticipated that something so little could be so controversial?” he continued.

In North Carolina, last month, President Trump repeated the same thing.

“A GOP Congress must stand up for parents’ rights and parental choice. I think it’s a wonderful idea. Teachers should never be allowed to push far-left gender ideas to our children without parental permission,” Trump stated at a rally according to Business Insider.

“It’s nothing short of child abuse. It’s as simple as that,” he continued.

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which prohibits the discussion of sexual orientation and gender in public schools from kindergarten through third grade, was passed by the state of Florida earlier this year. The Biden White House has said that the legislation was intended to hurt LGBTQI+ kids.

According to the National Journal, the bill does not contain the word “gay” or any indication of a particular sexual orientation.

This comes after multiple years of justified anger about anti-white CRT training in schools. With many scenes going viral featuring parents yelling at liberal teachers and school leaders over the anti-white brainwashing.

Could it be the case that the powers that be have seen their misstep in targeting white kids directly? Maybe they are now going for something more sinister by targeting them indirectly using extreme gender ideas?

Of course, they aren’t choosing one over the other. They want to push BOTH anti-white brainwashing and gender nonsense onto kids. But the resistance from the right will be managed to be about the gender issue while the racial aspect of their agenda goes completely ignored.

Is this about Republicans not having a spine? Or is it more proof of controlled opposition being the name of the game?

Author: Blake Ambrose