Trump Team Shifts To Governorship Strategy

Former WH press secretary Sarah Sanders has announced her new campaign for Arkansas governor on Monday.

“With radical liberals now in power in D.C., your governor is your last line of defense. But even more so, your governor should be on the front line,” Sanders stated in her video. “So I am announcing my candidacy for Arkansas governor.”

Sanders, a member of the GOP, is trying to replace current Republican Asa Hutchinson, who can’t get re-elected because of Arkansas’ term limits. If she is successful, Sanders will continue in the path of her father, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. She would also be the first female governor in Arkansas’ history.

In Sanders’ announcement, she pledged to “stand beside our brave police officers … stop sanctuary cities … and fight against radical environmental policies such as the Green New Deal that could destroy many jobs.” She also stressed lowering taxes and limiting government as agendas she would pursue.

“Our most loved American rights and freedoms are at stake — and now that radicals are in control of D.C. … our state requires a Governor with the courage to fight for what’s right — not what is considered politically correct,” she stated.

Sanders also pledged to consistently enforce law and order.

“We’ve witnessed violence, at a congressional baseball game, and within our Capitol. This is not what America is. To maintain our freedom, we need to have law and order,” she declared.

The GOP member was first seen as a possible front-runner in Arkansas when she left the Trump administration back in 2019. After she left, Sanders said she was “seriously considering” a run very soon and said she felt like she was “called” to join the race.

“I love my home, I love Arkansas, I am very happy to be back, and we’ll see what happens,” Sanders said in 2019.