Trump Rocks Florida Stadium Before Thousands–Vows ‘I Will Be Back’

Democrats should be getting pretty worried, right about now. They’ve done quite a bit over the last few years to ensure political dominance. They exploited COVID to cheat during elections. They pushed forced lockdowns and vaccinations to crush the American spirit. They slandered the GOP and Donald Trump, so people would be ashamed to support them. They’ve done everything… aside from actually working on behalf of the American people.

Pelosi and others have sunk countless hours tarnishing Donald Trump’s reputation. Social networks have blacklisted him and many of his allies. The liberal mainstream media has done their best to misrepresent the man—and ignore what he’s been up to. But, what do ya know, he’s still a powerful force in the U.S.A. Major polls have him not only beating possible GOP rivals for the White House, but top Democrats as well.

He held a rally in Florida this weekend—to a packed stadium. And he made this vow.

Thousands packed the Florida Live Arena in Sunrise, FL, Saturday to watch former President Donald J. Trump speak during the American Freedom Tour.

The crowd was abuzz in anticipation of Trump’s remarks. In a tweet, Taylor Budowich, communications director for Save America and Donald Trump, said that one supporter equated the event to an Elvis concert…

The 45th president promised the crowd he would return and that America would be better than ever, according to a tweet from the tour…

“We need people to step up, our freedoms are worth fighting for,” Trump said before adding, “Don’t let these people [Democrats] ever have power again.”

“You had a president that always put America first,” Trump told supporters. “I will be back and we [America] will be better and stronger than ever before.” [Source: Breitbart]

There is really nothing the Democrats can do that will match the enthusiasm and joy Trump can muster in a crowd. They have lied about him and his family. They have spread misinformation about his campaign and policies. They have tried to shame his supporters for being everything from racist to homophobic (even to his black and gay supporters). They even tried to impeach him twice—the second time after he left office.

Still, he is enjoying a higher approval than any sitting Democrat. And he can pack out a stadium—even when he’s not running for office.

What do these people have to do to hurt this man!?

Donald Trump gave one of the clearest signs that he’s running again in 2024. He said “I will be back” and that American will be “stronger than ever before.” He hasn’t officially announced a new presidential campaign. But this is the first time he’s been very clear about his intentions, without hints or winks.

We can’t predict 2024. It’s possible a stronger GOP candidate will emerge by then. It’s possible Democrats will get their acts together and win over Americans with a more popular figure. But none of that is likely. Already, 2024 is Trump’s race to lose.

Author: Mac Davis