Trump Reveals The #1 Reason Nobody Should Vote For Biden

President Trump had another “Save America” rally this Saturday. This time, he was in South Carolina, and thousands of MAGA fans showed up even during very cold weather to hear Trump speak.

Trump went after the huge topic of the Russian invasion, saying it was a “terrible atrocity” that wouldn’t have happened with him in the White House. Then he said when he was in the White House, he didn’t get us into another war, saying it was his “personality” that “stopped us from another war.”

There is a lot of truth to this, in that you would know he was not afraid to reply and you wouldn’t know what the reply would be. Unlike with Biden, who tells before what is off the table, so you know what threats you won’t have to deal with.

Trump said it was a dangerous time to have a person in office who was “mentally challenged” like Joe Biden.

He also noted how President Biden — instead of removing energy production restrictions — was begging for oil from other nations including our enemies, when we are an energy-rich nation.

Trump stated even Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, the electric vehicle company, is stating the answer is to drill, but Joe Biden is beholden to the anti-white left.

Trump took some time to mention the fact that he was proven right again, when it came to how Germany was harming NATO and the EU by keeping themselves reliant on Russian oil.

Then he mentioned how Republicans must win in Nov. to beat the extreme Democrats. But first, they had to weed out the RINOs during the primaries, Trump said.

Trump also demanded that one of the great wrongs of the coronavirus mandates rectified. Not only that all the mandates be removed, but that every military-member who was removed because of it be reinstated.

It sure sounds like he is running — he already has a long list of things that he wants to accomplish.

There are also rumors that Hillary Clinton will be re-running for office in 2024. Setting up an epic rematch that will surely be stressful for the whole country.

Author: Scott Dowdy