Trump Reveals Genius Plan For Another Round Of Stimulus Checks

Americans needed the stimulus checks they got, according to former President Trump, who said that China should pay for it for the pandemic they caused.

“I like Americans getting checks,” Trump said. “It was good. I’m OK with it, because we went through a lot because of China’s virus.”

Large spending plans are usually combated by Republicans, especially with the spending programs being put forward by President Biden, but Trump wanted the payments at the end of his time in the White House to be $2,000.

In the end, though, China should pay for the COVID-19 pandemic it brought to the world, Trump told reporters.

“China should pay us for this,” Trump said. “It’s what they have done. I don’t believe they did it intentionally, but they might have and there should be something that happens.”

“It’s ridiculous what they have done by allowing that to escape, that terrible virus. So, you know, just not gonna happen with Joe Biden.”

President Trump also spoke about the politicization of the COVID lockdowns that hurt Americans in Democrat-led states.

“The lockdowns hurt if you take Florida, Texas, if you look at the Red states, they were more open and some completely open,” Trump said. “And they did much better than the locked-down states like New York.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire