Trump Responds After AG Launces Criminal Investigation into Trump Organization

The NY investigation into Trump business has entered a new phase. A spokesperson with NY Attorney General Letitia James’s office said the probe now has a criminal element.

“Our investigation into the Trump Organization is not just a purely civil thing. We are now investigating the company in a criminal capacity, alongside the Manhattan DA.”

The mainstream media and Trump haters everywhere are predictably giddy about the possibilities.

On Wednesday, President Trump responded to this news of corrupt prosecution with this statement:

“There is nothing more corrupt than a desperate search for a crime. But that is exactly what is occurring. The AG of New York campaigned on prosecuting me even before she had the chance to investigate.”

“No President has ever been treated like this. With all the corruption that happens with others, nothing happens, they only go for me. And after huge prosecutorial efforts, they failed to stop me in DC, so now they are relying on New York to do their evil work. We have been going through this for years. It’s a sad thing for our nation, but we will overcome together.”

Author: Scott Dowdy