Trump Reminds Biden He’s a Total Failure – He Doesn’t Take It Well

We already know Joe Biden does not have what it takes to work with global leaders. You might recall what he did, soon after entering the White House. Normally, a president talks with the leaders of other nations around that time. But instead of Joe doing his job, he turfed that task to Kamala Harris. I’m sure a woman who can’t answer media questions did a bang-up job!

Already Biden has failed in working with other countries. He sent his administration to meet with China in Alaska. And the fools deliberately insulted the foreign dignitaries, ending up looking like children. Many critics believe they insulted China on purpose, to spoil any attempts at a meeting with our two presidents.

All to avoid Biden embarrassing himself, as usual.

Now, it appears Joe Biden plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week. Oh joy, I’m sure this is going to be a dynamite event. Donald Trump decided to mark the event by reminding the world of the success he had with Putin. And to let everyone know how Biden’s meeting will go down.

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement on Thursday in which he said that the U.S. had secured the respect of Russian President Vladimir Putin as the result of a meeting that he had with the Russian leader in 2018.

“As President, I had a great and very productive meeting in Helsinki, Finland, with President Putin of Russia. Despite the belated Fake News portrayal of the meeting, the United States won much, including the respect of President Putin and Russia…

“Good luck to Biden in dealing with President Putin—don’t fall asleep during the meeting, and please give him my warmest regards!” [Source: Just the News]

Trump explained he was able to have a productive meeting with Russia, despite the ongoing Russian hoax the media was spreading at the time. He called out the corrupt American Democrats who created that narrative, saying that Clinton, Comey, McCabe and other “sleezebags” were behind it.

He even said that Russia was more trustworthy than those Democrats.

I’m sure the media will continue to maintain that Trump was a Russian “puppet” despite the shocking lack of evidence. But when Trump was president, we heard not even a peep from the foreign power. Russia wasn’t continuing its conquest of Eastern Europe. It wasn’t trying to dominate other countries and major industries. In fact, their attempts to interfere in the Syrian Civil War were curtailed under Trump.

Now? Russia is back it its old tricks by taking over a pipeline from Germany. Experts warn Russia is trying to dominate Europe’s energy industry. They were held in check during Trump’s time in office, thanks to sanctions. But Joe had already lifted those sanctions, ensuring Russia can do whatever it wants.

How do you think this meeting with Biden and Putin will go? I very much doubt Biden will be able to do anything that shows America will stand up to Russia. Putin is a man who respects strength and determination. Biden has neither. He can’t even walk up steps without falling.

Who is really going to come out of that meeting a winner?

Author: Thomas Smith