Trump Proven Right On Most Controversial Claim Of Presidency

Vindication has come to Trump on one of his election violation claims made after Election Day.

The Michigan courts said that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson misused her authority when she enacted unilateral alterations for absentee ballots. It all had to do with signature verification. This new measure required the state legislature’s consent. But of course, there was a reason she did not go this route: Michigan’s legislature is mostly Republican.

The Trump campaign’s claim has now been vindicated, but the damage is already done. Richard Grenell took the news and made a great point about Democrats’ scope of damage:

We all know the left plays dirty. I think we see now how low they are willing to go.

We just have to accept the defeat, but also accept the fact that we must play dirtier when the time comes. Win at any cost—no matter what.

This is a brand new era. There are no brownie points for being a ‘good person.’ There’s no ROI in being a good guy. Nobody cares about that anymore. This is politics. The American voter will always expect whoever is running to be a little scummy anyway. Yet, this ruling also begs the question whether Joe Biden really did get over 80 million legal votes. I would easily bet against that notion.