Trump Prepares To Go To War Against Big Tech

The Donald Trump juggernaut is now plowing through social media world on the power of $1 billion already given to the new Donald Trump Media & Technology Group.

The new company will launch a social media platform called TRUTH Social, which is believed to be launching in the first part of 2022.

A press release posted on the TMTG website revealed that TMTG and Digital World Acquisition Corp. announced this weekend that it. “has entered into an agreement for $1 billion in capital to be transferred upon their business combination (the ‘PIPE’) from a diverse selection of institutional investors.”

As mentioned by Fox Business, the aim is to take the shares available for public buyers.

“TMTG’s goal is to turn itself into a publicly listed entity by using a merger with the currently publicly traded company, Digital World Acquisition Corp., which is a special purpose acquisition firm whose only purpose is to buy a private company and bring it public,” Fox said.

And if this plan succeeds, as Fox said, Trump stands to increase his already large fortune.

In the media release, Trump, the current chairman of TMTG, said that the $1 billion “sends a message to Big Tech that censoring conservatives must stop. America is waiting for TRUTH Social, a platform that won’t discriminate against any political ideology.”

“As our balance sheet increases, TMTG will be in a better position to fight against the power of Big Tech,” Trump said.

“America is a nation of independent and smart people who take pride in thinking for themselves. We admire those who are not afraid to speak for themselves or go against the tide. Yet suddenly, we are being censored by a small group of self-appointed arbiters of what people are allowed to say, think, share, and do,” Trump said.

“Nowhere is censorship more brazen and dangerous than on social media, the public square of modern times. We have seen top medical doctors getting banned from platforms for contradicting what so-called ‘health authorities’ say or for questioning the liberal narrative at the moment,” he wrote.

Trump noted that social media bans have censored details that was in the best interest of Americans.

“We have seen scientists get blacklisted for sharing details that the pandemic started in a China-based lab. We have seen vital reporting about Hunter and Joe Biden’s foreign business partnerships—information that voters deserved and needed to hear—ruthlessly erased from the web just weeks before a national election,” he wrote.

Author: Scott Dowdy