Trump Planning Executive Order To Alter Election Outcome

Plenty of evidence has revealed that shows the election was illegal. We don’t have to go far to believe officials and workers broke the guidelines to change the election. The battle continues to rumble, even maybe up till January 20th.

But more concerns are saying foreign actors had a role in the 2020 Election. Seems that the electronic trail of votes goes to servers in other countries. This includes Latin America and Spain. Such weird stuff has caused more angst that more countries may have interfered with 2020.

Now, Americans are wondering if President Trump—who has not conceded the election—will take hold of a 2018 executive order for the use of changing the election.

This executive order would order federal agencies to investigate the voting systems used for 2020. In order to decide if foreign influence had occurred.

In October, reports came out that the FBI and CISA knew Russian hackers were attacking U.S. government networks. Now based on the importance of the 2020 election, it is not a huge leap to say they also attempted to alter our voting systems.

With the stunning vulnerability of Dominion and its track-record, it would not be surprising to us if foreign spies changed the system. This order would hand Trump the right to investigate all avenues of corrupting these vital machines and altering votes.

But the issue remains, will Trump use this order? And will it work to defend or change the 2020 election?