Trump Makes Sure Democrats Know: He’s Not Going Anywhere

A poll from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering over the weekend confirmed that a familiar face remains the GOP’s most likely next presidential candidate.

Former President Donald Trump easily dominated the straw poll, capturing 70% of the ballots according to the results announced by CPAC.

The dominant number is made even more impressive by the fact that in late February, another CPAC straw poll also saw him win, but only with 55%.

Trump has repeatedly flirted with making another presidential run in 2024 to try and return to the White House – a move that would absolutely crush liberals all over the country.

“I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your incredible support,” Trump said as he gave the Dallas event’s keynote address minutes after the poll.

Florida’s Superstar Gov. Ron DeSantis was the only other notable competitor to President Trump, raking in 21% of the vote while none of the other 19 potential 2024 Republican White House contenders managed to garner more than 1% of the vote.

DeSantis, a first-term governor and Trump ally who soared in popularity among conservatives nationwide for his resistance to lockdowns and COVID restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, easily topped a second 2024 ballot question – without Trump on the hypothetical ballot.

DeSantis scored 68% support on that question, with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a distant second place at 5%.

Trump on Sunday also gave a speech promising to “defeat” critical race theory.

“With the help of everyone here today, we will defeat the radical left, the socialists, Marxists, and the critical race theorists,” Trump told the CPAC audience.

“We will secure our borders, we will stop left-wing cancel culture, we will restore free speech and free elections and we will make America great again.”

Critical race theory (CRT) may be the most important aspect of America’s culture wars right now as parents across the country have wrangled with teachers, school boards, and teachers unions over whether it should be taught to public school students.

CRT, which is rooted in Marxism and designed to spread a hatred of America, is strongly associated with the “antiracist” movement, “cancel culture,” as well as “diversity, equity, and inclusion” workforce training.

According to Legal Insurrection Foundation’s and other critics of the ideology, CRT is an offshoot of the earlier critical theory — a European Marxist school of thought that originated in the early part of the 20th century.

Several governors have signed measures in recent weeks that bar the teaching of CRT or similar content to students, with the latest being Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who approved a bill last week that prohibits local governments from teaching it to employees.

“Never forget that the radical left is not the majority in this country,” Trump said. “We’re the majority and it’s not even close.”

The president asserted that the “battle is so much bigger” than policy proposals or Supreme Court rulings, saying the “radical left” has infiltrated or is controlling “centralized institutions” such as bar associations, universities, schools, Hollywood, Big Tech, and large banks.

He added that some of the pressure campaigns waged by Democrats, are “straight out of the communist countries around the world.”

Trump’s continued tough stance on one of the biggest threats facing American life as we know it, is a perfect example of why conservatives still look to him as the de facto leader of the Republican party.

Author: Wayne Perry