Trump Makes China Pay For Human Rights Abuse

The Chinese subservients inside our media won’t like this very much, but it’s completely acceptable and the right thing to do.

President Donald Trump, with only moments left in office, has pre-empted Biden by declaring China’s treatment of the Uighurs to be genocide. Here’s the story from the NY Times.

The State Department said this Tuesday that China is committing crimes against humanity and genocide through its large scale repression of Uighurs and other minorities in its region of Xinjiang, including the usage of forced sterilization and internment camps, American authorities said.

The labeling is anticipated to be Trump’s final action against China, made on his last day, and results after years of debate over how to handle what many say is Beijing’s worst rights abuse in decades. Relations among the nations have declined over recent years, and the new accusation adds to the tension. Foreign policy experts from across the political spectrum in America say China will be the biggest challenge for any president for maybe decades to come.

This is huge, mostly due to it limiting Biden’s ability to normalize relations with China. In the past, Biden and his team have showed signs of welcoming better relations with China, and that a return to ‘normality’ was coming. It’s difficult to excuse that when the U.S. is saying China is guilty of genocide. Trump is binding Biden’s hand behind his back, and this will make it harder to undo Trump’s work.

China is America’s most dangerous adversary. Anyone still going off about Russia needs their heads examined. China is much more powerful, with far greater resources to act upon the world stage. We’ve already witnessed their invasion of places like South America and Africa. And they show no sign of stopping. Then there’s coronavirus, of which there’s overflowing evidence that it came from a lab. Many people are dead due to the Chinese cover up. Overall, there’s every reason in the world to shun the Chinese communist nation in 2021 and beyond.

But what’s more, if we continue to grow the Chinese economically, we are simply helping an enemy focused on our destruction. That makes zero sense. That’s why calling out their abuse of the Uighurs is vital. Whatever justifications can be used to disconnect from China, they need to be used. I don’t care if it will cost us some cash. The long-term security consequences are simply too great.

This move by Trump will no doubt anger leftists, such as places like The Washington Post who habitually write what most would say is Chinese propaganda. And that’s a great thing. It’s time the media elites be forced to deal with the fact that they are not on the side of justice or morality when they have a cozy relationship with China.