Trump Makes Big Plans With 300 State Legislators

Michael Reynolds/Getty Images

President Donald Trump talked to 300 state-level legislators from battleground states like Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia this Saturday during a Zoom call put on by Got Freedom?, a non-profit election watchdog group. He pushed officials to review evidence that the election in their states was illegal and consider undoing the results of the November 3 election.

President Trump spoke to the group for 15 minutes after New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani invited him to join as one of the featured speakers on the call.

Additional speakers included John Lott of the DOJ, Law School Professor Phill Kline, Law School Professor John Eastman and Dr. Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing.

The Got Freedom? organization released a press statement after the call saying they conducted this “exclusive national meeting . . . at the request of legislators from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to discuss the extensive evidence of irregularities and illegal activity during the presidential election.”

“A similar meeting is being planned in D.C. at the request of Congress,” the group added.

A joint session of the 117th Congress will convene in D.C. on Wednesday to decide if they will certify the results of the Electoral College, in which Trump was awarded 232 Electoral College votes while Biden was awarded 306 Electoral College votes.

If at least one House of Representatives member and one Senator vote to object to certifying the election on Wednesday, then each chamber will be forced to have a debate on the validity of the Electoral College votes.

More than 30 congressmen have already said they will object. And Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has also said he will publicly object to the certification.

And this Saturday, 11 more GOP senators have also claimed they would vote against certification and would instead move toward starting a commission to investigate the truthfulness of the election system in the disputed states with a comprehensive election audit. That commission would have ten days to investigate all evidence and report back to Congress.

“This investigation would be a vital resource for state legislators as they gather to review the election and consider decertifying their election results,” Kline, who hosted the call for the Got Freedom? non-profit said.

“The trustworthiness of our elections is far too vital to treat casually, and elected representatives need to have all important information as they decide whether to certify the reported results of the presidential elections, especially in states where private interests influenced the election” Kline added.

The statement continued:

The information discussed includes never before seen public-private partnerships that created a two-tiered system in battleground states. Created with funds of $400 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, these partnerships pushed to increase turnout in DNC areas while decreasing turnout in GOP areas, violating legal guarantees of equal protection and due process.

This private fund paid the election workers and bought the election equipment, but came with rigid conditions on the rules of elections in areas that accepted the funds. These private actions were helped by public officials, who tried to undermine public awareness, fought efforts to investigate the results, threatened lawmakers with prosecution for questioning the results, and in certain cases even physically blocked lawmakers from entering the Capitol Building to stop them from challenging election certification.

A memo sent to attending legislators after the call put forth Professor Eastman’s words during the meeting about the specific “Constitutional imperatives” of legislators.

Eastman said state legislators have both the duty and right to:

  • Assert plenary power
  • Demand your written laws be followed correctly
  • Decertify altered results unless and until those laws are followed
  • Insist on enough time to meet, investigate, and properly approve results to make sure only lawful votes are counted.

Kline went on to encourage state legislators to:

… agree to join a group letter from state legislators to VP Mike Pence to request he call for a 12-day delay on certifying the election, allowing the necessary time to further review the activity during the presidential election. We also ask you to send this message to other legislators to request they join and sign this letter as well.

He added that “Mark Finchem (R-Arizona), Daryl Metcalfe (R-Pennsylvania) and Brandon Beach (R-Georgia) have already penned a letter to Mike Pence for this reason. Joining forces to sign a letter is an important step—one you should make in solidarity.”