Trump Makes Biden Regret Every Decision He’s Made As President

Former President Trump has slammed President Biden in a comment on Monday morning over the disaster in Afghanistan, the third such comment over the last few days.

“First Biden surrendered to coronavirus and it has come back,” Trump said in connection to skyrocketing cases because of the Delta variant of coronavirus. “Then Biden surrendered to the Taliban, who overtook Afghanistan and destroyed the world’s confidence in American power.”

“The end in Afghanistan, including with the withdrawal, would have been totally different if the Trump White House had been in charge,” Trump said. “Who or what will Biden surrender next? Someone should ask him, if they can find him.”

The comments from Donald Trump come as Biden has come under widespread criticism over his choice to remain away from public view as the circumstances in Afghanistan seemingly grows more terrible by the hour.

“What Biden has done with Afghanistan is legendary,” Trump said while calling for Biden’s resignation. “It will be seen among the greatest defeats in this country’s history!” Trump stated. “It is time for Biden to resign in complete disgrace for what he has let happen to Afghanistan, along with the huge surge in COVID, the Open Border catastrophe, the destruction of our energy independence, and our ruined economy.”

Trump also hit out against Biden yesterday in a comment, saying that the whole situation in Afghanistan was a complete “disgrace”:

“Biden gets it wrong all the time on foreign policy issues, and many other topics. Everyone knew he could not handle the pressure. Even Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said this much. He escaped Afghanistan instead of going with the plan that our Admin. left for him — a plan that safe guarded our people and our assets, and guaranteed the Taliban would never ever attempt to take our Embassy or give a base for new terror attacks against America. The withdrawal would be guided by the facts on the ground.”

“After I destroyed ISIS, I created a credible deterrent. That deterrent has vanished now. The Taliban no longer fears or respects America, or America’s power. What a complete disgrace it will be when the Taliban puts their flag over America’s Embassy in Kabul. This is a total failure through incompetence, weakness and total strategic incoherence.”

Author: Blake Ambrose