Trump Lays Out Plan to Save Country From Joe Biden

You might be wondering why Joe Biden is doing such a poor job as “president.” Is it because he’s really just this bad as a leader? Is it because he is truly suffering from cognitive decline? Those are part of it. But let’s get real, here. Joe Biden, as part of the global establishment, is doing his part for the “great reset.” He is doing what he can to weaken American excellence, so that China, the EU, and other entities have a competitive edge the world over.

That’s the real reason he’s been tanking our economy, shutting down our energy production, and is letting in millions of illegal aliens. Biden is trying to hurt America’s stability and dominance, so our global competitors have the upper hand. And he’s doing a bang-up job of it, along with his entire, corrupt party. But things can be turned around if we get these crooks out of office. And Donald Trump, who is guiding the GOP’s 2022 efforts, knows how.

Former President Donald Trump is laying out a 2.0 vision on how he would make America great again, again offering Just the News his plan for defeating Joe Biden and the Democrats and reversing soaring inflation and gas prices, high crime, surging illegal immigration and global instability…

Trump said he believes runaway inflation, which some fear could reach 10% annualized in March, could be alleviated by quickly ramping up oil and gas production and lowering energy costs that affect everything from transportation to food production…

“We have to immediately seal up the border,” he said. “And we have to get a lot of the people out because many of these people came from prisons in these countries…

Trump said he believed the country could reverse declining trust in vote counting by getting states to model their election laws after those in Texas and Florida, which have mandatory voter ID, reject no-excuse absentee ballots, reject non-citizen voting and strong enforcement as a deterrence. [Source: Just the News]

In a recent interview, 45 laid out his enhanced plan for restoring America’s stability and prosperity. Among the many things he believes need to be done, ramping up oil production should be high on the list. The president believes that increasing American energy will take a bite out of inflation, reducing costs across numerous industries.

From there, he has an aggressive vision for ending the surge in illegal immigration and crime. Trump explained that many countries have released prisoners, who flocked to the border. To reduce the spiking crime in many parts of the U.S., we have to secure our border and deport the many criminals who got in.

He also believes every state needs to follow Florida and Texas’ lead, which both secured election integrity. Both conservative states implemented strong, common-sense measures to prevent voter fraud. Trump believes this is crucial in order to restore Americans’ faith in our democracy, which got a black eye after the 2020 Election.

It seems like Trump is running full steam ahead with this vision. Could it mean he’ll be back in the White House? Let’s hope we can survive until then.

Author: Moe Blow