Trump Jr.’s Latest Announcement Makes Him Hated More Than Donald

President Trump’s oldest son, Trump Jr., is going to establish a new second amendment rights group that he plans to use as a tool in the fight against Dems who want to limit Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms.

“The 2A Task Force is the first advocacy organization that Trump has established and actively participated with,” Fox News said. “The group intends to focus on voter registration in particular.” 

According to The Daily Wire, the organization has been focused on defending Americans’ rights to be armed and that he is encouraged to watch people get armed in Dem-controlled cities with violence.

“We are seeing record amounts of individuals — women, minorities, people from all areas of America — lawfully arm themselves, especially in the Dem-controlled cities where crime and violence are out of control. We must ensure every U.S. citizen has the right to protect themselves and their family with a God-given, constitutionally guaranteed right. That is what the 2A Task Force is about.” 

The 2nd Amendment is “the entire ballgame” when it comes to preserving our freedoms, according to Donald Trump Jr., who will chair the Second Amendment, Task Force.

Unfortunately, the Joe Biden White House and Democratic lawmakers in Congress are hell-bent on undermining our Second Amendment right to keep arms, “Whether it is proposing extreme gun-grabbers for senior roles in the executive branch or forcing anti-gun legislation,” Trump Jr. explained. “The Second Amendment Task Force is focused completely on ensuring that the far-left never succeeds in disarming Americans.”

“The initiative for the group originated from our successful bid to prevent an extreme anti-gun lobbyist from being the leader of the Bureau of Firearms, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Explosives,” Donald Trump Jr. said about David Chipman. “We had to be certain that the American people were aware of what was happening, especially with GOP state Dems. If they are thinking about voting against the Second Amendment, we’ll ensure they feel the pain. This new organization will help us put more resources and structure around our efforts to ensure that we are as successful as possible.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire