Trump Jr. Reveals Stunning Truth About His Father’s Return

Trump Jr. has said to Fox News that Republicans must toughen up and not be scared of what the mainstream media says about them.

“You mentioned the hypocrisy we saw during months of looting and rioting,” Trump Jr. said to host Sean Hannity. “Whatever my dad said during his speech on January 6, was nothing in comparison. But if you take that speech, and compare it to any speech ever given in Washington’s history, you would see no difference. But, because the left have the media on their side, pushing whatever narrative they want, they can keep pushing impeachment, which they began even before the 2017 inauguration.”

“They’re going to keep doing it. They’re excited to selectively edit video, to do their fake outrage on a huge scale with unlimited TV time,” he continued. “I thought these lawmakers would have something better to take up their time, maybe they would really fight for the people for a change, maybe they would actually help us get through Covid. But I don’t see that happening. I see Biden killing jobs, defending the communist Chinese government, letting them control our universities and bribing our professors to get the data of research projects within our universities.”

Trump Jr. then said that he does not want to impeach “every Democrat who says crazy things” but that if liberals are going to keep playing that game then conservatives must meet them toe-to-toe.

“If they’re gonna continue with these things, Republicans must stop trying to play a different game,” he said. “We have to play hardball. If they’re going hardball, we’ve been at the level of t-ball for generations while Democrats are at hardball level. We’ve turned the other cheek and they’ve slapped us and laughed as they won every important fight, while we talk about some sort of moral high ground. That’s what Trump has showed the GOP, that you can fight back, you don’t have to go with their rules, you don’t have to listen to the media. You can actually fight back and we hope the GOP does that.”

Trump Jr. then followed up by saying he sees what the Democrats are doing amounts to “McCarthyism on steroids.”