Trump Jr. Goes To War With Fake Conservative Media

According to Comstock, Trump Jr. is creating a news aggregator service as a response to the Drudge Report’s declining traffic (57 percent) over the previous several years. “The most common complaint I hear when I travel across the country is that people don’t know what media outlets, journalists, or reports they can trust,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

Minute-by-minute news will be offered by the service, which is called “MxM News.” It will be a waypoint for various right-wing media outlets that are persecuted by Big Brother and the Orwellian Nightmare.

Eight full-time employees will oversee the material and, if necessary, artificial intelligence will be used to assist them. It will also be accessible on Google Android phones as well as Apple’s iOS devices. The Telegraph Creative app was developed by MxM News’s equity partner, the Telegraph Creative.

“We built the MxM News app to assist people to cut through the clutter and obtain trustworthy news and information about issues that matter to them,” Trump Jr. continued. “We see it as a public service of major importance, and we think it will be a tremendous success.”

It’s been said that the phony news media is pushing for tech censorship to protect their fledgling business:

Glenn Greenwald, an independent journalist, appeared before Congress this week to speak on the ‘free and diverse press.'”

Clay Travis, the founder of the sports blog Outkick the Coverage, introduced Greenwald. ESPN’s ratings have plummeted like a stone in recent years due to Travis’ refusal to embrace popular woke-ism in sports journalism, which has made him a hit with fans.

The Intercept’s founder, who was forced to leave his organization because of censorship issues, told lawmakers that the phony news industry is leading Big Tech crackdown on speech. “The one thing I’d like to emphasize, Congressman, is that Big Media, the largest media company in the United States, is not opposed to big tech’s repressive behavior. In fact, they’ve been the ones who have pushed for it the most.”

According to Greenwald, if you ask people in Silicon Valley whether they’d rather be out of the content moderation business or have been pushed by Big Media companies for both ideological and commercial reasons to silence others who could compete with these huge outlets in the name of diversity.

He concluded his argument by pleading with members of Congress to safeguard a genuinely free press at the local level.

Author: Blake Ambrose