Trump Is So Powerful, He Can Make Liberal Heads Explode Just By Moving His Arm

This Saturday night, former President Trump made certain that liberal outrage got pushed up to 10.

According to Fox News, the former president was not only there for Game 4, but also joined along in the “tomahawk chop” — the controversial celebration in which Braves’ copy the chop of a tomahawk with a downward arm motion.

Trump, who was going to the game with former First Lady Melania Trump, went viral after he joined the movement in celebration during the game between the Braves and the Houston Astros which ended with the Braves taking a commanding 3-1 lead.

According to the NY Post, in addition to showing with Melania, Trump shared the suite with former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker, Trump’s chosen candidate against Georgia Dem. Senator Raphael Warnock in the 2022 election.

“Looking forward to going to the World Series tonight in Atlanta,” Trump said in a huge email to his supporters this Saturday, according to the NY Post. “Thank you Commissioner Manfred, and Randy Levine of the NY Yankees, for the invite. Melania and I are looking forward to watching these two great teams!”

Manfred found himself being hit by the wokeness police this week when the tomahawk chop was mentioned. The commissioner said, since the gesture was supported by North Carolina Cherokee Indians, three hours away from Atlanta, it was not an issue for him.

“The Native American community in this region is wholly supportive of us, including our chop. For me, that’s the end of the story. In this market, we are taking into account the Native American community,” Manfred said, Fox reported.

“I am not offended by someone waving their arm at a sports game,” said Richard Sneed, the principal chief of the Cherokee Indians.

But it didn’t take the National Congress of American Indians long to show their opposition to the tomahawk chop and the sports team’s name.

“In our talks with the Atlanta Braves, we have unequivocally and repeatedly made our position clear: Native people are not your mascots, and the degrading rituals such as the ‘tomahawk chop’ that dehumanize us have no place in American society,” said NCAI President Fawn Sharp in a comment, adding the tomahawk chop should not be shown on television.

Manfred was surprisingly not moved by this: “I do not know how every Native American group around the nation feels,” he said. “I am 100 percent certain that the Braves understand what the Native American community in their area think and that they have acted in accordance with this understanding.”

Conservatives on Twitter highly approved of Trumps’ decision to join in the revelry.

Author: Steven Sinclaire