Trump Holds First Return Rally — And Boy Is He Coming In Hot

Former President Trump went on stage for his first rally after leaving Washington this Saturday in Ohio. Before thousands of his supporters, Trump targeted the “woke” generals, Biden’s immigration agenda, and the critical race theory being taught in American classrooms and elsewhere.

“The Biden White House pushed new rules that forced critical race theory inside our armed forces,” Trump said. “Our generals are now more focused on this craziness than on America’s enemies.”

“Have you seen these woke generals on television?” Trump said to the crowd. “Our military will be incapable of taking orders and fighting.”

Trump was likely mentioning remarks made recently by General Mark Milley, who defended the teaching of critical race theory inside the military, and said he wished to “understand white rage.”

Trump hired Milley to his position in Dec. 2018.

Trump promised to “break up big tech companies, reject liberal cancel culture, and will restore free speech.”

The former president then slammed Biden over his open border agenda.

“We must defund his crazy immigration agenda and restore our border to where it was,” Trump declared.

Trump, who visits the border coming up on June 30 with TX Governor Greg Abbot, said that VP Kamala Harris only traveled to Texas because he is going there this week.

“Kamala Harris, your VP, only traveled to the border for the simple reason that I said I was going there,” Trump said. “If I were not doing that, I know she would never have gone.”

“After only five months, the Biden team is already a total catastrophe,” Trump said during his speech that lasted for over an hour.”,.,

“I want to save American democracy,” Trump said to the crowd.

Trump promised that the GOP would make a huge comeback in 2022, saying there would be a “giant GOP majorities” in both the Senate and House.

“We will win back the House, and we will win the Senate,” Trump promised. “We don’t have a choice.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire