Trump Haters Furious After Donald Scores Another Hilarious Win

In an unexpected move, the top prosecutors going after criminal charges against former Pres. Donald Trump in New York have all of a sudden resigned following Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg expressing his doubt about the case being able to move forward. Bragg himself is a far-left figure, rejecting any claims of political favoritism toward Donald Trump.

“The 2 prosecutors leading the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former Pres. Donald J. Trump and his business practices suddenly resigned this week in the middle of a monthlong break in their presentation of the evidence to a grand jury, according to people who have knowledge of the matter. The shocking development comes shortly after the high-stakes inquiry showed to be increasing momentum, and pitches its future into serious doubt.”

“The prosecutors, Mark F. Pomerantz and Carey R. Dunne, put in their resignations following the new Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, telling them about his doubts about going forward with a case against Mr. Donald Trump,” the people said.

Bragg’s predecessor had increased speed of the probe last fall, selecting a grand jury and getting a lot of fanfare, mostly from the media. When Alvin Bragg took office, the case looked to be moving forward as planned, but these resignations mean there is a major internal change. If Alvin Bragg was now having doubts about the case going forward, that is a sign that he does not think the evidence is enough for a conviction. Remember, prosecutors hate to go after cases that they do not think they can win, and I do not think there would have been any resignations if this criminal case against Donald  Trump had not imploded.

You can anticipate a huge wave of struggle from the left after this news. While there are more “probes” going on, that includes a ridiculous one in Atlanta, Georgia, that is not going anywhere, this case in New York was supposed to be the magical weapon, as far as criminally charging Donald Trump for something. AG Merrick Garland is not going to give the former pres. a huge win before the 2024 election by getting a bad case and not winning.

Author: Blake Ambrose