Trump Hammers Biden Again – How Much More Can He Take?

All the weaknesses and failures of the Biden administration have come out in the fall of Afghanistan.

The incompetent administration, run by a man out of his depth, is struggling to put a spin on the massive crisis. They have tried to blame the situation on past presidents. They have also claimed this was inevitable, or that it’s not as bad as it looks.

But the reality is, things were under control in the foreign land, until Biden pulled our troops. His poorly-though out, seemingly unplanned decisions allowed the Taliban to take over. And it only took the terrorist group a few days to declare victory—after 20 years of American occupation.

Donald Trump has been significantly vocal about these events. It seems this has lit a fire under the 45th president we have seen in a long time. He released numerous statements, commenting on the withdrawal. He has appeared on several news programs to discuss it. In fact, he’s been talking more than Joe Biden himself. And he’s continued his criticism of the Biden administration.

“To imagine that you take out your military before you take out your U.S. citizens and civilians and others that maybe helped us — to even think of that, it’s not something that can be believed,” Trump told Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” on Wednesday…

The former president discussed the picture that the White House released of Biden sitting in an empty situation room at Camp David, having a virtual meeting with his national security team regarding the situation in Afghanistan.

“To be sitting there by yourself, alone, is unusual,” Trump said. “I think it was just a setup picture to try and show that he’s working, and he’s not working. And more importantly than not working, what their thought process is wrong, the whole group of them. They don’t know what they’re doing.” [Source: Just the News]

Trump went as far as to say this crisis is worse than what is going on at the Southern border. He said the crisis in Afghanistan has “blown away” everything happening on our border. Now, you know it has to be bad for Trump to say that.

He commented on the odd photo the White House posted of Biden alone in a room talking to his security team. The 45th president said this was “unusual,” saying it was just a “setup” picture and that Biden was not really working. Considering Biden’s pathetic response to the crisis, it’s hard to argue with that.

Trump went on to discuss his own experiences with the Taliban. He said he was very tough with the group, vowing that if they tried anything “there’d be hell to pay.” He had vowed that retaliation would “start right at their village.” It seems that Trump’s plan to pull our troops came with a big condition: that if the Taliban attacked, the U.S. would strike them hard.

According to Trump, Biden had no intention of defending the land if our troops were withdrawn. It seems the Taliban knew this as well, so they immediately invaded after we left.

Trump slammed for having to send troops back to hastily evacuate civilians, saying that further put them in danger.

We’ve yet to hear anything from the administration that suggests they know what they are doing.

Author: Sam Jones