Trump Gets Revenge On His Two Most Powerful Enemies

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the U.S., is suing Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg in a new class-action suit, according to a new report.

The suit will be led by the America First Policy Institute, an organization founded by former Trump Administration member Linda McMahon and Brooke Rollins, and supposedly also aided by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Trump made his announcement at a press conference yesterday at 11 am. His legal push is supported by the America First Policy organization, a non-profit centered on continuing Trump’s programs.

The group’s leaders, former Trump Administration members Brooke Rollins and Linda McMahon, were there with Trump during his announcement.

A class action type of suit will allow Trump to sue the two social media CEOs on behalf of a larger group of Americans that have been censored by anti-conservative policies. The social media giants are possibly going to use the Communications Decency Act to defend themselves as having the ability to censor users for any reason — a statement that has worked in the past and been accepted by courts.

Trump tried a late-term executive change to Section 230 during his concluding months in office, but then-FCC chairman Ajit Pai stopped the attempt on the day after the Capitol Hill protest, after previously showing support for it.

Had Florida approved a law regulating social media platforms as common carriers, Trump would, as a Florida citizen, be on a much better legal foundation against the tech companies. Florida Republicans did not approve such a bill — and the bill they did accept was blocked by a judge.

Florida state Congressman Anthony Sabatini, who is going for U.S. Congress in the 7th district, has promised to propose a bill restricting tech companies as common carriers in upcoming legislative sessions.

There has been no word yet how other conservatives can join President Trump’s lawsuit. Facebook has been slammed in the past for censoring a wide range of conservative topics like vaccine truth, open borders, and publicizing anti-white hate crimes which go ignored by the mainstream media.

Author: Steven Sinclaire