Trump Family Member Dishes Out The Ultimate Betrayal

Former president Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has released an op/ed in the Wall Street Journal gushing over President Biden’s foreign policy on Iran.

“Biden sees China as a priority for his foreign policy, and rightly so,” Kushner said in the article.

Kushner was easy to continue giving lip service to Trump while moving back to his Democrat foundation and praising Joe Biden’s decisions.

“The Biden team, however, has one thing the Trump team never had—communication with Iran. While many were angered by Biden’s offer to join with Europe and re-enter the Iran deal, which is called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, I viewed it as a good diplomatic move,” he said.

“Biden called Iran’s bluff. It showed to the EU that the JCPOA is gone and only a new deal can give us stability. When Iran wanted a reward just for starting negotiations, President Joe Biden made the right move and said no,” Kushner wrote.

He also went on about the possibility of Biden’s team bringing Muslims and Jews in the Middle East together.

“I was deeply affected when I read the story of a Jewish man who explained that he felt more safe with a yarmulke in Dubai than he felt in Europe. The disconnection between Muslims and Jews in the region over the previous 70 years is not normal, historically,” Kushner said.

“As Muslims and Jews now move more freely throughout the region, they return to past traditions, when members of the Abrahamic faiths peacefully lived together,” he said.

“If the Biden administration is smart, it will grab this historic opportunity to kickstart the region’s potential, maintain American safety, and help the area get past a generation of instability. It is time to start a new era of prosperity and partnership,” Kushner concluded.

Whatever Kushner is talking about in his Wall Street Journal op/ed, it is very far from Trump’s America First. If Trump decides to run again in 2024, Kushner should be cut from team MAGA.