Trump Exposes Democrats’ Plot For Communism By 2022, See How…

Joe Biden is desperate for some kind of win. His administration has been failing from nearly day one. The only piece of legislation he has been able to pass was his “stimulus” bill from earlier in the year. That was the thing that created runaway inflation and a worker’s shortage that continues to plague our recovery.

That is probably why Democrats are fighting so hard to pass this so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill. What started out to be something of a compromise has ballooned into a pork-filled bill costing over 1 trillion dollars. What we’ve seen from the bill should have every American worried. It seems to be less about our roads and bridges and more about pushing the left’s agenda.

Yet there are enough RINOs in the Senate who want to get this bill passed. It does not look like a victory for Americans, but just a chance to pump money into crooked politicians’ states. And now, Donald Trump is calling this bill what it really is.

“This is not an infrastructure bill, this is the beginning of the Green New Deal,” Trump said in a statement released by his Save America PAC. “The bill I proposed, which Mitch McConnell couldn’t do anything with, was pure infrastructure. I want what is best for America, not what’s best for the Communist Democrat Party.”

Trump elaborated on his criticisms of the bill.

“This will be a big victory for the Democrats and will be used against Republicans in the upcoming elections,” he said. “Schumer is using the threat of ‘we can do it the hard way or do it the easy way’ and keeping people in town. McConnell never did that on a real infrastructure bill. Hopefully the House will be much stronger than the Senate.” [Source: Just the News]

Trump is clearly warning Republicans they should not support a bill as bad as this. He has previously told them to wait until after the 2022 midterms, when they could pass a real infrastructure bill.

Instead, it seems like the swamp is rearing its ugly head. This bill, which will spend billions on pet projects, pushes some of the left’s most radical agenda. It will force car companies to make 50% of their lineup EVs. It will require cars to have breathalyzers installed (forcing you to use them before you can drive). There is also a pilot program that will monitor Americans’ driving, to take them for every mile they go.

Is that worth passing, just to give crooked and pathetic Biden a win?

We all know what’s happening. The Democrats were able to bribe just enough Republicans in the Senate to back this bill, with promises of billions to their states. Those 18 or so “Republicans” will support this bill, despite the objections of the American public. They will ignore all the toxic stuff in this bill, because they will profit.

And Democrats will have an advantage coming into the next election. The swamp wins again.

Author: Sam Anderson