Trump Enrages The Left With Surprise ‘Vacation’

President Donald Trump said he will be going to the southern border over the next few weeks.

During an interview over the weekend, Trump talked about the growing crisis at the border, saying it is a dangerous problem.

He then said he would love to be involved, adding that President Biden is supposed to be more involved and “make some decisions.”

Trump slammed Biden’s move to stop the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and expressed concern over the flow of drugs crossing the border. He said a lot of Americans have been requesting he go to the border and that he is happy to assist the agents however he can.

“A lot of folks want me to go. ICE and Border Patrol, they want me to go,” Trump said. “So I feel like I sort of owe it to them. They are wonderful people and they are doing a wonderful job.”

“Thousands of people are coming up. And millions will pour into our nation, and it will destroy America,” Trump said.

President Trump also said Democrats should complete the wall and restart “Remain in Mexico,” or the problem will become much worse.

Author: Scott Dowdy