Trump Dishes Out a Knockout Insult To Biden

It has only been a few months, but the results are in. Joe Biden is an utter failure as president.

I’m sure some hardcore Democrats are trying to make excuses. I bet they’re blaming to the pandemic right about now. Under Trump, America quickly recovered after early months of lockdowns and lost jobs. But Joe Biden had many things working for him: three vaccines, a functioning economy, a secure border, and so on.

Even with all that going for him, he still managed to tank the country.

Joe’s policies have hampered job creation, our energy production, our national security, and even inflation. We have seen so many failures hitting our country at once in decades. Many people are comparing Biden to Jimmy Carter, a one-term president who contributed to numerous economic (and foreign) crises.

But Donald Trump weighed in, too. And he’s making this big distinction between Jimmy and Joey.

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday that President Joe Biden was worse than former President Jimmy Carter at handling crises.

“Joe Biden has had the worst start of any president in United States history, and someday, they will compare future disasters to the Biden Administration — but no, Jimmy was better!” Trump wrote in a statement sent to reporters.

The president acknowledged many Americans were comparing Biden to Carter — especially after a malware attack on the Colonial pipeline caused gas shortages and long lines at gas stations on the East Coast.

But Trump said it was “very unfair to Jimmy Carter” to compare the two presidents.

“Jimmy mishandled crisis after crisis, but Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis,” he said. [Source: Breitbart]

Because of a cyber-attack Biden’s FBI and CIA failed to stop, gas shortages hit several states along the East Coast. It resulted in long gas lines in many places, as consumers struggled to fill their tanks. Many critics compared this to the nationwide gas lines experienced under Jimmy Carter, claiming Biden’s administration is shaping up to be much the same.

Trump made a clear distinction, though. He said that comparing Joe to Jimmy was unfair to President Carter. He clarified, saying that while Carter “mishandled crisis after crisis,” Joe “created” all the crises hitting our country.

It’s hard to argue with that. The country was recovering steadily from the COVID panic by the end of 2020. It was able to do so, because we were in such a strong place to begin with. Had Biden just continued those policies set by Trump, we would be in a very different place right now. Instead, Biden went on a rampage, reversing every good measure by Trump and putting the country in a tailspin.

The problems hitting us right now, including the border crisis, the gas shortage, and even violence overseas, are directly the fault of Biden. He made terrible decisions (on the insistence of the radical left) that have only hurt Americans.

It’s safe to say that Carter would have done better, failure that he was.

Author: John Anderson