Trump Destroys Corrupt Doctors In a Matter Of Seconds

President Trump on Monday responded to Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci, the two doctors who helped lead Trump’s coronavirus response. Trump took aim at a pair of interviews the two did over the weekend on CNN.

Fauci seemed to take credit for the coronavirus vaccine, saying the best choice he made was fast-tracking the vaccine. He did not mention Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, the partnership to support research and hasten the creation and distribution of an effective vaccine. The vaccine was produced in a record breaking nine months.

“In his interview on CNN last night, Dr. Fauci tried to steal credit for the Covid vaccine, when he said it would take up to five years, and possibly longer, to get it approved,” Trump shot back. “Dr. Fauci was not capable of urging the FDA to go faster. I was the one to do that, and even the fake news has reported this fact.”

Trump also slammed Fauci’s goalpost moving “to make himself appear as good as possible.” Trump made the decision to stop flights from China, going against Fauci’s advise. That decision is said to be the greatest one made during the pandemic.

“I stopped it against his advice, and we saved many people,” Trump said. “Dr. Fauci also claimed we didn’t need masks, then months after, he changed his mind and said we needed masks, and now, he is saying we need up to three of them.”

Trump then turned his attention onto Dr. Birx:

“Dr. Birx is a known liar with almost no credibility. Many of her statements were seen as “pseudo-science,” and the States who followed her, such as California, had terrible results and ruined many businesses and the lives of many Americans who died as a result of the lockdowns,” Trump said. “Dr. Birx was a horrible medical advisor, which is why I rarely followed her advice. Remember when Dr. Birx mandated that people not travel, and then went to see her family on Thanksgiving—only to have them call the police on her? Humiliated, she then resigned.”

Author: Blake Ambrose