Trump Defeats Fake News — They’re Not Taking It Well

A mainstream TV network has admitted that President Trump was correct to question the source of COVID-19. On “This Week” on ABC News this Sunday, reporter Jon Karl was forced to admit Trump was right when he urged for an investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Karl said, “we should try to find out what happened. This is among the greatest crises our nation has ever seen, and the world has ever seen. We must know how it all started. This was an idea that was initially expressed by Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State under Trump.”

Over the previous year, the lame-stream media ignored the Wuhan lab leak “theory” and said it was a conspiracy theory. However, a recent House Intel. report found there was overwhelming evidence backing up the theory.

Karl ended his response on the issue saying, “some things might be true even if Trump said them.”

Author: Scott Dowdy