Trump Bashes Radical Liberals In Easter Message — It’s Great

Former President Trump gave a short message celebrating Easter while hitting the “Far Left CRAZIES” who he said had stole the election.

Trump repeated his rigged election statement, which led to his social media access being removed in January.

“Happy Easter to everyone, including the extreme Left CRAZIES who stole our election, and want to destroy our nation!” he said.

The former POTUS had previously given his comments on the MLB controversy pulling their All-Star Game out of Georgia over the state’s new election security laws.

“The MLB is already losing tons of fans, and now they want to leave Atlanta because they are scared of the far-left who don’t want voter I.D.,” said Trump.

President Trump has been staying at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, after he left the White House in January. He has made sparse appearances on news and made several statements on politics. During one such TV interview last week, he said that he was contemplating a second presidential campaign in 2024.

Author: Blake Ambrose