Trump Backs Biden Into a Corner With This Ultimatum

Former President Trump said in a comment this Sunday that it was time for Joe Biden to resign from his post after the debacle that has happened in Afghanistan.

“What Biden did with Afghanistan is legendary. It will be remembered as one of the largest defeats in American history!” Trump stated. “It is time for Biden to disgracefully resign for what he allowed to happen there, along with the huge surge in coronavirus, the Border disaster, the destruction of our energy independence, and America’s hurt economy.”

Trump also called out Joe Biden yesterday in a comment over the events in Afghanistan, saying that the entire thing was a “disgrace”:

“Biden gets it wrong about foreign policy, and numerous other topics. Everyone knew he could not handle the pressure. Even Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said this. He ran away from Afghanistan instead of keeping to the plan our team left for him — a plan that guarded our citizens, and helped the Taliban would never attempt to take over our Embassy or given a base for launching attacks against America..”

“After I defeated ISIS, I created a credible deterrent. That deterrent has now been removed. The Taliban no longer fears America, or our power. It will be a disgrace when the Taliban raises their flag over our Embassy in Kabul. This is a total failure through incompetence, weakness, and complete strategic incoherence.”

Biden tried to blame Trump for the problem in a comment that the president put out on Saturday, saying that he “inherited a deal made by my predecessor.”

“Shortly before he left Washington, he also drew United States Forces down to a minimum of 2,500,” Biden said. “Therefore, when I got to DC, I faced a decision — follow through with the deal, with a brief extension to allow our Forces and our allies out in a safe way, or ramp up our troops and send more of our guys there to fight yet again in another nation’s civil conflict.”

This comes at a time when Biden is being hit with massive problems at home. Including the economy, covid, open borders, and energy security.

Author: Steven Sinclaire