Trump Announces Major White House Shake Up

President Trump has publicly announced Attorney General Barr has told him he would resign at a meeting with the President on Monday evening. Trump said his relationship had been very good and that he had done an amazing job.

The president then said Jeff Rosen would be taking over as Attorney General. He added that Richard Donoghue was very well respected. 

Trump also publicly shared Barr’s letter of resignation that included praise for the President. Saying he was honored to serve be a part of Trump’s administration. Which had restored America’s military strength and improved the economy. He also targeted the President’s enemies for their ruthless tactics.

This is after rumors that the President might remove Barr after he denied evidence of election fraud. The president was also angry about Barr knowing of a federal investigation into the Biden family before the November election but choosing to not reveal it.

Barr followed up with a statement that the DOJ would follow through investigating voter fraud.