Trump Annihilates Biden In Critical State – Sets The Stage For 2024

The aftermath of this year’s elections should have Democrats shaken. They lost Virginia in a national upset. Other races that should have been easy wins for the left saw blue seats flipped. Across the country, school boards were reshaped as parents voted out socialist members. Yet despite the bloodbath, Democrats continue to push a dangerous and unpopular agenda.

With Joe Biden’s approval numbers at record lows, Americans are clamoring for change. The administration has fallen flat on its face. Worse, it isn’t even trying to remedy its broken policies. We can be confident that the 2022 midterms will not go well for Democrats. But what about 2024? Plenty of speculation has surrounded who the GOP will pick to go up against these failing liberals.

And yet another poll reveals, it’s not a very big secret.

Former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over several other potential 2024 GOP presidential candidates in Iowa, a survey of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers obtained by Breitbart News shows.

The survey, from pollster Rick Shaftan’s Neighborhood Research and Media, shows Trump at nearly 56 percent with 55.7 percent—leading his next closest possible rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, by more than 40 percent. [Source: Breitbart]

Despite the smear campaigns, slander, and ongoing attacks from the left, Donald Trump continues to be the most popular figure in the Republican Party. It’s very clear he continues to be a force for conservative candidates. And as Biden and his cronies keep crashing and burning, with no signs of stopping, Trump is in a very good position for 2024.

In this poll out of Iowa (the first stop for the primaries), Trump is winning with 56% of the vote. The next closest candidate is Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who is polling far behind at 12%. Plenty can change between now and 2024, but Trump has seen his popularity among Americans only go up since leaving office. As Biden continues to fail, it is likely Trump’s approval will continue to rise.

The 45th president has yet to reveal what his official plans are. Many believe a third presidential campaign is guaranteed. But Trump is a man who doesn’t put all his cards on the table. It is possible he is simply waiting and watching, prioritizing the 2022 midterms first.

But we can’t help but notice everything he predicted about Joe Biden came true. He is a failure as a leader, a Trojan horse for the left, and incapable of functioning at that level. Biden’s administration is a joke, made up of staffers woefully unqualified for their jobs (including his VP). And the country is suffering for it on nearly every issue.

The question isn’t, will it get better, but how worse will it get by 2024? Biden has no intention of doing anything for the American people. But can we hold out for another four years?

Author: James Maxwell